Changing the web/mobile experience to help people feel more confident & empowered by the process of navigating mental health resources within BC.

Slack, let's talk about how needy you are

A 2 week agile side project to provide paths for people to work rapidly and effectively, and protect Slack user's time and attention.

Case study coming soon.

UX/UI Design, Interaction Design

UX/UI Design, Interaction Design

HereToHelp BC

To You

Using open data and accessibility to tech to create in-person community interactions and address social isolation in Vancouver.

Service Design, UX Design, Art Direction

User Research Internship
Researching ways to better support Dementia patients, families of Dementia patients, as well as caregivers who help care for Dementia patients.

Careteam: User Experience Research for Patient Care

More Projects

Hacking Health Hackathon, UX Design, UX Research
Helping users feel more confident in what they're doing when saving someone from an opioid overdose.

Narcan Now